A human being is a single being. Unique and unrepeatable.

That’s why I believe in an individual approach.

In this way, you get the best of me and I get the best of you.

Individual teaching is available online as well as offline.

  • Update May 2020:

    Due to Covid 19 I offer online services only. Once the situation is better, I would love to meet you in person!

  1. During a first FREE OF CHARGE online meeting you will tell me about your struggles. Don’t worry, stupid questions don’t exist! 

  2. Through email I will present you a possible trajectory, depending on your question and the amount of time you want to spend or simply have available.

  3. If you think ‘Yeah, let‘s go!’, we’ll GO.
  • Brain-picking from someone experienced
  • Lots of references to gain the right knowledge
  • Lots of exercises to improve your skills
  • Quick response. If you want you can have daily feedback through email.
  • Support, encouragement, and the eternal bliss of the fact that YOU CAN DO IT!
  • Could you provide me with a steady base of knowledge and skills in typography, type design and/or calligraphy?

  • Could you teach me how to design a highly legible text?

  • Could you teach me how to design a highly illegible text?

  • Could you teach me how to draw type, analog and digital?

  • Could you show me the process of designing type?
    • I feel so stuck within the ‘strict’ world of typography, could you please help me loosen up a bit?

    • I am working on a project with lots of text, could you give me the tools to bring that to a successful ending?
    • My handwriting S•CKS, can you please help me?

    My prices are based on individual guidance, custom made exercises, and personal feedback. 

    Single meeting: €45

    • Duration: ± 1 hour
    • Contains theory, exercises and feedback
    • If your trajectory is > 6 meetings:  €40 per meeting

    • If your trajectory is > 10 meetings: €35 per meeting

    • A longer trajectory is also possible, just drop me a line so we can work it out.

    One-day meeting: €160

    In a condensed and concentrated way, we can focus on one particular question. 

    • Duration: ± 4 hours
      (2 x 2 hours, 1 hour break)
    • Theory, exercises and feedback

    Did you know you can improve your handwriting in just 3 lessons?