Design your own font

Fortunately, there is a growing interest in type design. Unfortunately, designing type is not that easy… find the right guidance!

This course is an introduction to the world of type design in a playful and accessible way. No prior knowledge is requested, only a fair bit of enthusiasm to understand letters! 

Including context (what is the world of type design like?), theory (contrast principles, construction, relationship between letters), and a lot of practise (analogue and digital letter drawing). 

For who?
For (graphic) designers that are interested in making type and want to understand the basic principles. 

• Insight in the relationship between letters
• Insight in the construction of letters

• Drawing type by hand
• Practise type principles with Type Cooker

How to digitise your outlines
Work with Fontstruct, Fontself or Glyphs

Content course:


  • Introduction to the world of type design (lecture)
  • Practice: drawing type by hand (technique)
  • Extra: an eye-opening assignment!



  • Theory: first principles of type design
  • Practice: Type Cooker
  • Extra: writing type with a homemade ‘calligraphy’ pen



  • Presentation of different type design software
  • Practice: experimenting with the bricks of modular fonts
  • To do: define the concept for your font


*Homework: Start sketching your modular font!*


  • Feedback: the progress of your font
  • To do: come up with a name for your baby.



  • Presentation of your font
  • Time for questions, feedback, touch-ups.


  • This lesson is scheduled after some weeks as a moment for feedback on the ongoing process of your font.


*It’s up to you if you spend time on the course outside the lessons. However, the more time you spend on it, the better the results will be!

Dates: 2021 

To be announced!

Interested in ‘Design your own font’?

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What people said about this course:

‘I was happily surprised by the dynamic & positive – open welcoming approach to typography (= mindset of the teacher)– a world that has a label to be conservative & high-brow. The concept of an online course, let alone the topic was rather new to me and it was a great experience.’

Ignaas Vanden Poel, Berlin

‘Great moments, nice people and exceptional teacher… Definitely a more than type experience for me. 

Thank you Britt and everybody for this fantastic journey!’

David Chénière, Paris

‘Britt’s enthusiasm makes the most annoying of chores pleasurable.’

Bart Oppenheimer, Rotterdam

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