You want to learn about typography, type or calligraphy, but don’t know where to start?

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I have 12 years of experience in teaching type, typography and calligraphy to over 1000 students from different ages, cultures and backgrounds at various art schools in The Netherlands.

I notice that a lot of you find typography difficult.

My goal is to make you feel confident, and hopefully, make you love it just as much as I do. 

Part of an alphabet. Studentwork at Willem de Kooning Academy, 2020.

I believe in a ‘hands-on’ approach: typography, type, and calligraphy all need practice.

Theory is a good and necessary start, but the process of MAKING is essential to discover things for yourself.

Workshop ‘Experimental Calligraphy’ (WdKA, 2020)
I could say Britt taught me to look differently, or how to study. Or how she made an elusive subject tangible. All of this is true, but this is not why I do what I do now, nor is it why I write this.
More important than the above is that Britt, from day one, managed to inspire me in a very special way. Not because I wanted to be able to do what she can. I cannot do calligraphy, I will never design a ‘real’ typeface and I have barely mastered the terminology.
However, Britt did inspire me by her ability to teach typography as a story. Or even a dialogue. In return, it sparked the desire to find my voice. 
Apart from all possible knowledge, skills, conventions, and classifications, she knows how to convey enthusiasm like no other.
The enthusiasm that made me –being an absolute novice– no longer afraid of everything I did not know but embraced what I still had to learn.
A challenge, which feels like learning a new language in which you can also invent words yourself.
Britt as a teacher taught me the necessary basic knowledge and skills. 
Britt as a person taught me that typography is not an imposed buzzword or popular hashtag. It was no longer a compulsory subject or collection of study credits, nor the secret language of tattooists and hipsters.
During her lessons, I learned to genuinely marvel at the richness of typography, and developed my own interest that soon surpassed ‘beautiful and not beautiful’.
What does a letter say?
And what do I tell?
Niels Vrijdag 

During my second year of my bachelor in Graphic Design at the Willem de Kooning Academy, I had the pleasure of meeting Britt Möricke.

As my primary typography teacher, Britt’s greatest strength lays in her ability to recognise and adapt her teaching to my needs as a student. Combined with her breadth of typographic knowledge, she was able to guide me, no matter where I was in my learning process: through the basics of italic and roman calligraphy, the legibility of type as well as the typographic hierarchy and placement of type on a page.

In particular, her assignments helped me be less anxious about the world of typography. She would ask me to cut letters apart into interesting compositions in order for me to compose my favourite word, ‘balloon’, within these shapes and in such a way that would express the meaning of the word. In the end, and without realising it, I had made a typographic poster.

In this way, Britt has been able to show me both the playful as well as the more scholarly sides of typography, which in my experience are two contrasts rarely found in one teacher.

Pontus Höglund
Graduation student WdKA, 2020

From a young age, I have had a deep interest in letters. However, I missed a steady basis in the underlying system.

Britt made me understand this.

Her enthusiasm, knowledge and wide range of references —from classic examples to playful experiments— showed me the origins of the letter shapes. However, and this is more important, she showed me what they could be, without a value judgment about what is right or wrong.

Fabian Hahne

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To me, the alphabet is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Letters are shapes. Letters are language. Letters are art.


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